Fanning Powder 2oz/57grams

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Do you want to produce beautiful fans of cards? Apply a small amount of this Fanning Powder and even old, worn out decks will fan like new. Works great on new decks as well.

  • Contains 2 ozs. (57 grams) of powder
  • Easy to store and pour with dispenser top

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1 review for Fanning Powder 2oz/57grams

  1. alishbhomi

    With just a dab and few springs & shuffles, your poop deck will magically turn into a well fan-able deck. On top of that, if you are a cardist, you will realise that packet cuts are more controllable. It feels kind of weird when you can fan a deck and execute packet cuts seamlessly at the same time.

    – An essential accessory for both magicians and cardists
    – Don’t throw away your expensive cards, BUY it and FEEL its magic

    A pretty good tutorial:
    P.S: 57 gms isn’t a low quantity…Trust me!

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