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The Penguin Monte is pure fireworks. It’s not a STORY about gambling, it gets your WHOLE AUDIENCE actually in on the action!

The premise is simple. Three cards, and they’ve gotta find the ACE. But no matter how hard they try, under the most impossible conditions, the ace is always under your control. And the best part is, it’s super EASY to learn.

In this completely updated version, Rick Lax shows you new moves and phases that you’ve never seen before, in addition to the tried-and-true stuff that makes this trick an absolute winner.

For over 10 years the The Penguin Monte has been one of our most popular tricks. It’s in the working repertoires of HUNDREDS of professional card magicians — and for good reason. It’s an ABSOLUTE CROWD PLEASER.

No matter if you’re performing for your friends, at a Super Bowl party or for a holiday dinner at the Ritz-Carlton, you’re going to get HUGE reactions.

PROFESSIONALS: Penguin Monte is angle-proof, instantly resets, has a clever secret and it fits right in your regular card case. It’s a sure bet for entertaining crowds.

Manufacturer Says

Credit for the specially gimmicked cards goes to Ken DeCourcy, Supreme Magic, Peter Pit of Holland, and Theodore L DeLand. More recently, Michael Skinner popularized a similar routine using the same gimmicks. Credit for the Penguin Monte version that you’re about to learn goes to Anthony Miller, Oz Pearlman and Rick Lax.

What You Get

2 x Sets of cards (1 Red back and 1 Blue back) 2 x instructional videos (2.0 and 1.0) 1 x PDF Ebook “More for your Monte”

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