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Perfect Square by JB Dumas and Michael Lam


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“Instantly became my favourite cube effect! Smart, practical and direct! It’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to a real cube match… Incredible!” –Daniel Garcia 

“OMG… This is brilliant. I was so fooled. Smart, SIMPLE, so satisfying to do. As soon as I saw the method I had the biggest smile on my face.” –Chris Kenner

“We want one! No, we want two! No!! 10!!!” –Les French Twins

“Definitely the cleanest version ever!” –Yif

“Not only is there tremendous potential with the mosaic effect, thanks to this gimmick, there are so many miracles that are easy to do now with the Rubik’s Cubes.” –Cyril Takayama 

“It’s why now I love Rubik’s cube!” –Nestor Hato

“What you see is what you get.” –David Stone

“Perfect Square is a clever, practical and simple solution to what is becoming a classic effect in Rubik’s Cube Magic. The gimmick is made to last, easy to use and designed for close-up performances.” –Karl Hein

“Finally a cube I can solve, and it’s clever as hell.” –Tomas Blomberg 

Perfect Square is the latest magic weapon from the mind of JB Dumas & Michael Lam! It is a special tool which allows you to perform many unbelievable miracles with normal Rubik’s cubes, in no time! You don’t even need to be able to restore a Rubik’s cube. And it is very easy to perform!

Perfect Square is not a magic toy. It’s a powerful weapon that opened many doors of performing cube magic.

We proudly provide you an almost TWO-hour long video in order to cover all the details regarding everything you need to know about Perfect Square.
The video is a complete course, you will learn how to perform multiple routines, including the unbelievable, amazing and unique “Super Mario Deluxe act”!

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