Cognito (App & Online Instructions) by Lloyd Barnes & Owen Garfield – Instant Download


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“One of the best apps ever” -Benke Smith, Reviewer


Full Review”The best app of the decade.”

– Craig Petty


“Cognito is genius. What an incredible tool with limitless possibilities. 11/10”

– Christian Grace


Magicians and mentalists have strived for centuries to crack the code of real mind reading.


COGNITO is the closest you will ever come to experiencing the incredible power of telepathy.


Imagine having someone think of ANYTHING (a playing card, star sign, word, movie, celebrity…whatever THEY want). They NEVER write it down, type it, point at it, click it, blink or even whisper…the thought ONLY exists inside their mind.


Yet with Cognito you know EXACTLY what they are thinking. There is even a way to do it with no peek at all.


Cognito is a revolutionary Magic App that combines a classic principle with genius new methods to know what spectators are thinking without seemingly doing anything.


The reason reviewers are calling this “The best app of the decade.” is because it has no competition. Cognito stands on its own as the most unique and brilliantly thought out Magic App ever created.


Simply put; Magic Apps shouldn’t get reactions like this.

Incredibly easy to perform

NO memory work or mental calculations

Perform in minutes

Works in ANY language

NO internet needed

Fools magicians

Multiple effects built in

Create your own effects with ease.

PLUS: A huge and active Facebook community (facebook name: cognitoapp) packed with ideas and new improbable routines.


Created by Lloyd Barnes & Owen Garfield and developed by Joshua Riley, Murphy’s Magic proudly presents… COGNITO


“This is far more than an app, this is a tool that will open up a world of routining possibilities! First impressions… ******* awesome!!!!”

– Michael Murray


“The more you play with Cognito, the more powerful it becomes. A versatile way to silently decipher a free thought.”

– Rory Adams


“Wait, what?!? Hahaha. Love it! So, so smart.”

– Mark Elsdon


“Cognito is a real world practical way to perform incredible mind reading feats, anytime and anywhere!”

– Oz Pearlman


“One of the best apps ever.”

– Benke Smith


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