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Orbit V4 Playing Cards

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The 4th Edition Orbits are the 4th out of 10 Orbit decks created by theOrbitbrown.com. They are an ode to the spirit of space exploration with a Sci-Fi theme that would make Carl Sagan proud. The deck features a crushed Bee stock finish, is traditionally cut, and was created on the Web Press at the US Playing Card Company in Erlanger, Kentucky. Twenty three thousand decks were made and will never be printed again. Orbit V4 Playing Cards comes with duplicate astronaut Jokers, a double backer, a duplicate 8 of Spades, and features a secret one-way design.

The back design was created by Daniel Schneider and is glorious to view during a spread, spring, spin, or fan. The two space ships on the back design leave a trail that goes to the edge, making it connect with all the other cards in a fan to show one single orbital path. Premium cards such as these were designed to withstand heavy use for a long period of time. The thin crush makes the cards easier to handle than traditional Bee playing cards. This makes the deck ideal for cardists and magicians alike.

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  1. alishbhomi (verified owner)

    The perfectly centered and pristine circle with trailing rockets and stardusts in the vicinity emphasizes on the functional design for cardistry and brings out elegant motion stability in cuts, fans, spins and other moves. One great addition is the use of Arrco style face design connecting space era with the time when traditional Arrco decks were produced.

    In terms of handling, it’s manufactured by USPCC. Obviously, they feel and handle great. However, comparatively speaking, crushed stocks are relatively less humidity resistant. So, durability depends on how you handle the deck.

    Honest review/opinion: The deck design looks much better in person than on camera.
    Don’t trust me, buy them and see them yourself. 😉

    Design: 9/10
    Handling: 8/10

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